Iran Construction Conference & Expo

Main Organisers

The activities of this event are wholly sanctions compliant and NIBF does not engage in any activity that is prohibited by any and all sanctions regimes relating to Iran

An unique opportunity for Scandinavian Companies for exploring Middel East's second biggest Market

The first International Conference and Expo on

Iran's Construction Industry


21-23 February 2018

Iran, Tehran

Olympic Hotel & Conference Center

Sahlannama Co. In 1992 SAHLAN began manufacturing pre-fabricated systems, with the goal of introducing modern, quality built systems to the market. Modern technology and machinery from competitive countries was used in the process. The shop shelving being produced at the time was heavily purchased for private and government projects across the nation.

Moghavem Saze Pouya Consulting Engineering In 2005 Moghavem Saze Pouya Officially Established Due to Covering Costumers Demand in Engineering Field. Moghvem Saze Pouya Company utilise the Experts in Architecture, Civil and Structure for management, Consulting and Designing urban and industrial projects.

Road Housing and Urban Development Research Center The idea of establishing BHRC was formed in 1971 in the framework of “United Nations Development Program (UNDP)”, until 1973, which is the beginning of BHRC formal activities, research duties on building and housing were being fulfilled by “the department of building studies and regulations” at the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MHUD). In 1971, this duty was transferred to the BHRC based on an agreement between “MHUD” and “UNDP”. In 1973, BHRC started its formal activities after completion of construction activities of BHRC administrative building and laboratories for physics and chemistry of materials.

Iran has the ingredients to become a major player in the global construction market

The new Iranian Building Trends and Plans are creating completely new dynamics in the Iranian construction and infrastructure market through its new building requirements: Transfer of technology, Energy efficiency, Sustainability, Modern Construction Material and Technology, and many others.


Overview of the Iran's construction market

154.4 USD Billion

Estimated construction market size by 2016

1.2 Million

Average annual demand for housing units in the next 5 years


Growth over the next 5 years

5.7 %

Contribution to GDP

Main Components





Panel discussions

B2B opportunities



The Swedish NGO, Sweden-Iran Chamber of Commerce, SWIRCTC and Swedish Trade Consultancy Company,Trade Dawn AB, are on the behalf of the main organisers proud to present the first First International Conference & Expo on Construction Industry in the emerging market, Iran. This event is unique in many aspects compared to other similar events. The combination of a scientific Conference and several workshops alongside the Expo will not only boost exchange of knowledge and Know-How between participants but also highlight opportunities and potentials in regard to Iranian construction market.


Why should you

be there?

These needs for modernisation promise immense lucrative opportunities for new investors, companies, scientific institutions or centers. While the government continues to tackle the low-income housing shortage and infrastructure development projects, private investments are expected to turn to more lucrative markets such as high-rise offices, shopping malls, hotels, as well as hospitality and tourism related developments.


In the shadow of the radical growth of Iranian construction industry, Iranian technical universities, scientific or research community, and innovation centers are welcoming a long term dialogue and cooperations and exchange of knowledge with their foreign counter parts, particularly within Scandinavian countries.

Who should participate?

This event will be a very adequate forum for those who will extend their network globally and at the same time enhance their business opportunity in construction industry not only in Iran but also within the region. Scandinavian countries have a very reputable and high ranked profile internationally and particularly in Iran. For that reason the organisers, alongside all other attendees, welcome Scandinavian contractors, construction companies, technicians, equipment and machinery provider, research communities and universities, civil engineers, architects, consultants, project managers, investors, city and urban planners etc. to this event.


The Conference

This conference is designed to enhance the technical skills and increase the effectiveness of engineers and other professionals involved in construction projects. Conference organisers will be delighted to invite everyone who would contribute somehow to the content and quality of this conference. It will be a great honor for organisers and an excellent opportunity for companies or researchers to find newest scientific researches and experiences on the field of related issues in conference.

Conference Aims

Introducing the innovations in constructions industry

Introducing latest achievements in construction in Iran and the world

Intercommunication for offering (exporting/importing) services in construction industry

Upgrading and exchanging knowledge and Know-How within construction industry

Introducing potential of Iran construction industry in the region

Providing educational potential for professionals in construction industry

Evaluation of Iran’s current construction situation and providing appropriate scientific solutions

Introducing methods for increasing efficiency in construction

Intercommunication between scientific societies and professionals in construction industry

Conference Objectives

Steel structures

High-rise buildings

Concrete structures

Earthquake& Seismic retrofitting

Industrial buildings

Modern Technology & innovation in construction

Geotechnical engineering

Green building construction & Sustainable development on architecture

Composite structures & CFT

Lightweight structures

Conference Registration

The registration fee for attending the conference would be 400 EUR. Scandinavian participants are able to pre-book, but not later than 5th February 2018, their tickets by using the link below. Afterward, registrants will receive further details and connection links to Expoci secretariat, in Iran, which is responsible for

collection of all registration fees and also other event practicalities.


Registration fee includes: Access to all scientific sessions, Admission to the exhibition, Printed material of the conference, Publication costs (Book of abstracts, Proceedings, WOS and Scopus), Conference bag, Welcome reception, Conference dinner, Coffee breaks, Conference excursion

Note! Workshop Registration is excluded.

Exhibit Profile

INTERIORS AND FURNISHINGS: Ceilings, internal walls, and partitions -Doors and windows - Flooring - Lighting and accessories - Roofing TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT: Site lighting- HVAC - Hydraulic tools - Machinery components & parts MANPOWER AND MANAGEMENT: Architecture & interior design- Site management - Facilities management - Work security and safety - Communications & navigation BUILDING MATERIALS: Aggregates - Concrete - Steel - Aluminium - Brick - Wood - Ceramics - Marble and granite INFRASTRUCTURE: Water and sanitation - Ports and airports - Roads, railways, bridges - Landscaping - Drainage systems - Cables and electrical CONTRACTORS: EPC Contractors in the field of Construction, Roads, railways, bridges, etc. - EPCF Contractors in the field of Construction, Roads, railways, bridges, etc.

The Exhibition

Exhibitors will receive a full delegate list and table plan prior to the show, allowing you to coordinate introductions with Buyers, Procurement Managers, Bid Managers, Planning Managers, Governments and hundreds of Architects, Contractors, Developers, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Home Builders, Merchants, Engineers and more, in the exhibition area and also in the comfort of a VIP lounge.

Take advantage of the high number of visitors that will come past your stand to showcase your latest products and build your brand awareness. Live demos and competitions at your stand are encouraged greatly. Let us know what competitions and demos you will be hosting and we will include this in our marketing plan.

Beside the conference a professional exhibition will be held by attending Iranian & International companies. The exhibition organised in 3,000 square meter.

EXPOCI 2018 is a highly focused event on Building and Construction. The event provides the perfect opportunity to meet face to face with potential clients who are actively looking for suppliers, contractor or financer. Exhibitors will be able to connect with the decision makers and key trade buyers in Iran. The show attracts over different industry professionals, all looking for the best solutions for their business.

The event will bring together hundreds of key players in the market, providing exhibitors with valuable face-time with both existing clients and potential new business partners.

EXPOCI features exclusive, invite-only Meet the Buyer sessions allowing exhibitors to meet hundreds of key decision makers in targeted markets.


In addition to the exhibition and conference, several technical Workshops & Courses will be held to promote the scientific level of enthusiasts in various fields.

Some workshop Topics:

  • Chemistry on construction projects
  • Construction management
  • Newest finding on concrete filled steel structures


Opportunities exist for organisations to exhibit in the EXPOCI 2018. This presents an ideal opportunity to showcase your products or services to key decision makers in the field of construction. The floor plan of Expo is shown in catalogue. The floor plan depicts 3x4 meter spaces and all space will be sold off this plan. This floor plan is correct at the time of printing however organisers retain the right to alter the layout should it be deemed necessary.


Complete services for single shell scheme stand (12 Sq.m) include the following: - Partition walls - Carpeted floor - 1 fascia with company name stand number - 2 spotlight - 1 power electrical outlet - 1 table - 2 chairs - registered the particular of company in event book - issued 3 exhibitor card - registered specification of the company in event website for 1 year.


The Standard Stand provided by organiser has a height of 250cm for island stands and 280cm for side stands with aluminum profiles, white wooden paneling and rafters, includes 75W of illumination for every 3 Sqm.


Exhibition Booth sizes:

3x4 metre stand (12 Sq.m) 6x4 metre stand (24 Sq.m) 6x8 metre stand (48 Sq.m) Extra services, more spaces, additional facilities & internal design are negotiable. For more information to different high level of stand construction & equipment, please send an e-mail to EXPOCI@NIBF.EVENTS

Booth rental fees

Depend on any requirement, need or interests companies, Individuals, authorities will be able to rent a booth in various sizes and typess within Expo area. Unit price for each stand is deferent and depends on stand location. The type of stands have been specified in exhibition plan, above, and unit price is shown in following table. All prices quoted are in euro.



Price per square meters

Special Type

380 €

Type 1

350 €

Type 2

310 €

Type 3

280 €

Your products, know-how, technologies, equipments or investment capital are highly on demand in Iran's construction and infrastructure market.

Meet Iranian officials, companies, corporates and high profiled decision makers right there in this unique event.

Event representatives in Scandinavia

Sweden Iran Chamber of Trade & Commerce

Trade Dawn AB

Side Facilities?

The event representatives will provide a wide range of services for participants in order to make your stay a pleasant and productive experience. We will offer tailor made efforts in terms of Visa invitation (for Iranian participants), transport, accommodation, flights, marketing and promotion materials, printing and publishing, translation and interpretation, parcel and freight, Cargo and Custom (for exhibitors) and other relevant and appropriate enquiries.



In conjunction with this event,, as complementary services, SWIRCTC and Trade Dawn AB would be pleased to offer conference participants and exhibitors amusement packages, match making meetings, B2B meeting, Industrial and business site visits etc.

On demand, separate proposal will be available if necessary.

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