NIBF Startup Contest

The activities of this event are wholly sanctions compliant and NIBF does not engage in any activity that is prohibited by any and all sanctions regimes relating to Iran

Could you be one of the NIBF’s Startups Contest winners?

Why we do that

Sweden Iran Chamber of Trade & Commerce as the organisers of this Summit and Expo May 2018, strongly believe that startups are going to have an essential impact on communities’ economic, social, scientific and cultural growth and in many cases they will change the way of living radically in many senses. For that reason, also as a part of organiser’ social responsibility, NIBF will endorse individuals or groups who seriously are taking an active role as Startups with a statement of purpose, clear aim, direction and action plan. In alignment with this intention, a part of the revenue generated at NIBF events will be donated in form of special grants to 10 startup entities from Iran or Nordic countries.

NIBF’s Grant Box

Fortunately, since we have announced this competition, we have received many other individuals or companies who are interested in cooperating in this contest by various contributions to a Grants Box. Hence,, grants will be given as a combination of check, office equipment, consultation services, vouchers, etc. However, each award will have, at least, a value of 2000 €. Winners will be presented officially and receive, if it is applicable, their award in Stockholm in connection with Iran Expo May 2018.

The Jury

There will be a group of prominent international professionals, entrepreneurs, mentors, etc. with a wide and deep insight in Startups ecosystem, Grownups and other adequate fields who will evaluate and nominate the winners. We gradually invite additional, particularly female, members to the jury, which currently includes;


Mr. Hamed Jafari


Tech Rasa

Iran Startup-Tech Media (Iran)

Mr. Nami Zaringhalam

Co Founder & CSO




Mr. Magnus Penker

Founder & CEO

Innovation 360 Group (Sweden)

Mr. Alireza Omidfar

Founder & Chairman

Saraye Asan Iranian (Iran)

Mr. Mohammad Nakhci

Founder & CEO

Skill up Toys


Mr. Niclas Carlsson

Founder & CEO

Founder Alliance



Participants in this contest will be able to classify and compete i two separate categories;

A. Established Startup

B. Seed Stage Startup

Established Startup

Competitor in this group should comply with these criteria;

  • Registered company, not earlier then 2014, in Iran or one of the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland)
  • Active company
  • At least one employee
  • In full production or in a production-ready phase (at least a prototype of product should exist)

Seed Stage Startup

Competitor in this category are those who have not yet registered any legal our individual entities in the country of operation. However, they have to fullfil following criteria

  • A clear and written idea or Pitch Deck about what their startup will create or perform
  • At least one person is engaged and active in regard to this idea
  • Their idea is genuine and not a plagiat of some other individual or entity

First round of Qualification

We do expect a huge amount of participants in this contest. Evaluating all applicants would be a time-consuming task for the organisers. At the same time, evaluating and qualifying contesters claims certain skills and experiences, apparently out of the organisers core expertise. For that reasons, NIBF cooperates with a various number of startup communities, which would act as Contest Evaluator in regard to this contest, particularly in the first round of qualification . Neverteless, it should be underlined that all participants will be registered and monitored by NIBF core committee at the time of registration. However, registrant have an optional choice at the time of resistration to appoint one of the announced Contest Evaluators for evaluation of his/here/their Startup. A benefit of this choice would be some assistance the participants may gain from designated contest evaluator to improve startups' presentation or later on Pitch Deck.

Protecting contesters’ material or immaterial property is an essential principal for NIBF. Hence, it should be noted that all activities in the framework of this contest will be restrictively monitored and supervised by the NIBF core committee.



This activity is a “Member Only” contest. A membership as “Supportive Member” on Sweden Iran Chamber of Trade and Commerce, SWIRCTC, will entitle registrant to participate in this contest. Applying and obtaining a supportive membership is so easy and beneficial. Only, by paying an annual fee of 15 EUR, you will be a supportive member of SWIRCTC and simultaniously, it covers your registration fee in NIBF startup contest 2018.

Registrants are able to pay the registration fee trough following options:


Option One

Those who have an international debit or credit card are able to easily pay the registration fee on this website’s Online Ticket Store.





Option Two

Other registrant, particularly in Iran, are able to pay the registration fee trough some of the authorised Contest Evaluators.


  1. Registration should be made by Startup competitors by filling the special form in this website.
  2. The registrant will shortly receive a unique registration code.
  3. Registration fee should be paid, please look at the “Registration” topic above,
  4. Confirmation of payment should be sent via e-mail to the organisers:
  5. Registrant will receive a confirmation mail with further details about forthcoming steps.
  6. All application will be reviewed through the first round av qualification by Contest Evaluators.
  7. After this stage, up to 30 competitors will be qualified from each Contest Evaluator for the second round of the competition.
  8. NIBF Core Committee will qualify 30 finalistto present to the Jury.
  9. In that stage, contesters would be asked for complementary documents or interviews
Finally, 10 competitors would be announced as the winners of this contest.
  10. The winners will be presented officially and receive their grants/awards in NIBF’s Expo May 2018.


Protecting contesters’ material or immaterial property is an essential principal for NIBF. For that reason, it should be noted that all activities in the framework of this contest will be restrictively monitored and supervised by the NIBF core committee.



Registration to this contest will be closed at the15th March 2018.

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